Calico Pets

They help us sew our costumes

Merry and Hillary

Pippin and Hillary

Hillary and her children helped make the vests

They share their homes for clogging practice


I enjoy having company and showing off my beautiful tail.


They don't like my singing, so I have to go outside
for clogging practice. That's OK, I like to greet
everyone when they come over.

Maximus Dogimsus and Pipsichord

Just call us Max and Piper. We love to dance with the cloggers! It's such fun
to dance right in the middle! Why do they always put up gates to keep us out?


I'm afraid of the cloggers! I keep watch so I can hide before they see me.


I love clogging practice. I like to rub my face in their shoes,
and get into their bags. Then as soon as they all leave, I get my fish!

Some have yet to meet the group


When are you going to take me to dance with the cloggers?


I haven't seen the cloggers yet, but they named a step after me!


When are you taking me to see the cloggers? I'm sure I would love it!

Not all of us have pets. One of us just has a very good imagination.

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