Calico Cloggers at Reston Town Center
December 1, 2007

Rocky Top

Calico Circles


Shady Grove

Calico Sets

Tennessee Fiddle

Santa Claus is Coming To Town


I Play Chicken With the Train

Riding Alone with Bagpipes

Christmas in Kilarney

Sleigh Ride

Mairi's Wedding

Sing, Sing, Sing

Santa Makes an Appeal

As Christmas nears, Santa is looking for his reindeer, who
have been spending all their time goofing off and dancing

Reindeer Boogie

Get back to work, you lazy reindeer!

Barnyard Stomp

Now what's going on? They're whooping
it up with a bunch of barnyard animals!

Here Comes Santa Claus

Finally got those reindeer back to the
north pole, so keep a look out for Santa!

Finale - Just Because

Jack Frost came to visit

Reston Town Center Holiday Treats

Photography by Eric, Kristen, and Kathy

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